The Turk and Hummous – Sarastro



“Enter a world of drama, passion and excitement where exuberant colour, glittering display and joyous music meet exotic cuisine to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.” – Sarastro Restaurant

Just off Covent Garden, next to the theatre playing The Lion King is Sarastro, a truly unique little restaurant with a wonderful theatre atmosphere and some great looking plates to boot.

Cute little alcoves (reminiscent of the boxes one sits in to listen to the opera) make up the restaurant, and eating your dinner in a box, slightly detached from the rest of the room, really gives your meal a cosy feel, making Sarastro a great place to bring potential dates. The menu offered a great range of dishes and which was also very creative, with each dish offering something distinctive.

We chose to have the Tenor set menu, which had rather nice selection of choices. For starters, we had the Cheese Borek and the Hummus which was completely to die for. The prices were decent considering the central London location, and, honestly, the delightful sensations your taste buds will experience when consuming it makes it worth every penny.


For the mains, we had Lasange and the Salmon Supreme. With most classy London diners (of which we consider Sarastro one), if you order a fish dish, it will be cooked very well, but there will not be a whole lot of it. In Sarastro’s case, there was quantity and quality of meat aplenty. The fish was complemented perfectly with almond potato, grilled red peppers, courgettes, wild asparagus and cream dill sauce, each ingredient which bought out the flavour of the fish, and the fish itself was helpfully divided into large “strips”, which made consuming it all that more delicious. For the beef lasagne, it was the perfect quantity. Each layer of the lasagne pasta was perfect to the melted cheeses on top, a classic Italian dish with layers of pasta and seasoned minced beef with béchamel cheese sauce


Finally, for dessert, we had Sarastro`s Home-Made Tiramisu and Chef Ali`s Raki Crème Brûlée. Again, they both were luxuriously delicious.

Overall, the Sarastro was a completely worthwhile gastronomical experience, with the restaurant also boasting a homely, offbeat vibe that the majority are sure to love. Though on Mondays, when we went, we missed out on the live music as a violinist and a viola player duetted on Ravel’s Bolero with other musicians and signers playing through the week. To give their playing extra spice, they walk around the restaurant, coming up into the individual alcoves to momentarily serenade the customers. Live show performance starts either at 8pm or 9 pm on Thursday to Saturday (check website who’s performing), and on Sundays it starts at 2.30pm and 8.30pm.

The restaurant as a whole, was utterly charming and different to other London Restaurants.

Sarastro Restaurant:126 Drury Lane, TheatreLand, London, WC2B 5SUTel : +44 (0)20 7836 0101 | Fax : +44 (0)20 7379 4666


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